eReefs Regional Models Workshop Presentations - April 2016

The eReefs Regional Models Workshop organised in Townsville on 12-14 April 2016 aimed to introduce the marine modelling suite delivered collaboratively by CSIRO and AIMS to a broad audience of expert scientists and users. This modelling package includes the SHOC hydrodynamic (4 km and 1 km resolutions), sediment transport and biogeochemistry models.

Detailed technical report on these products can be found at

Attended by eReefs scientists, eReefs Operations Committee members and User Reference Group representatives, Queensland and Australian Government representatives, independent experts/scientists and stakeholders/users, the key objectives of the workshop were to:

  • Communicate on the SIEF Program outcomes and deliverables to both ‘non-eReefs’ scientists and stakeholders/users
  • Review the performance of models in the context of current and future user needs
  • Discuss applications and integration within current initiatives (LTSP, RIMReP, Water Science Taskforce projects, Regional Report Cards)
  • Identify limitations, improvement areas and research gaps

PDF versions of the presentations can be found below. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Day one – Technical session – Introduction

No1 Introduction Brief overview of the workshop agenda, current status of the eReefs Project and summary of research deliverables

Day one – Technical session – Description of the models

No2 eReefs Hydrodynamic Overview Detailed description of the hydrodynamic model configuration including bathymetry, rivers, forcing, and outputs

No3 Numerical modelling of fine sediment transport in the GBR region Detailed description of inorganic sediment processes underpinning the sediment transport model configuration

No4 eReefs optical and biogeochemical model Detailed description of the biogeochemical (water quality) model including optics, gas exchange, nutrients, plankton and benthic plant dynamics

No5 eReefs Data Assimilation Data assimilation techniques applied to the hydrodynamic modelling components of the eReefs regional models

No6 eReefs Biogeochemical data assimilation Data assimilation techniques to improve estimations of the biogeochemical state of the GBR

No7 RECOM Description of the Relocatable Coastal Ocean Model configuration, implementation and performance

Day two – Technical session – Performance and skill of the models

No8 eReefs publications Publications arising from the research and development of hydrodynamic models for the GBR

No9 Biogeochemical model coupled with Remote Sensing Publications arising from the research and application of biogeochemical models for the GBR

No10 Hydrodynamic skill assessment Overview of the skill assessment of the hydrodynamic component of eReefs regional models

No11 eReefs Biogeochemical skill assessment Overview of the skill assessment of the biogeochemical component of eReefs regional models

No12 eReefs model validation against emergent properties and large-scale patterns Overview of model validation against emerging properties and large-scale patterns